What to wear
One of the first things a client asks when booking a session with me is, "What should I wear?"
Here are some things to consider:
Let your personality shine through: the most important tip I can give you is to be yourself.  My goal is to capture the best and most genuine version of YOU.   Dress in something that you feel comfortable and confident in and your photos are sure to reflect this.
Be timeless: unless your goal is an extremely stylized look, classic is the way to go.  Trendy is fun, but consider what your photos will look like ten years down the road from now.  
Coordinate: if your session is not a solo one, it’s a good idea to coordinate your outfits with one another.  Too matchy-matchy can be cheesy and the same exact colors tend to be bland without giving much "pop" to each individual.  The happy medium is to coordinate a color palette that complements one another.  It’s best to stay away from all black or all white clothing and to avoid patterns or clothing with large logos printed on them which can easily detract from you, the most important subject.
Layers are your friend: layers can create added texture and variety in your shots and poses.  I highly recommend bringing along a sweater, jacket, hat or scarf (weather permitting of course).  Peeling off a layer can create an entirely different look!
If you plan to do your own make-up: when it doubt, keep it natural.  Digital cameras tend to create shine on the skin, so applying some light powder will help combat that.  Also, it’s a good idea to bring your powder and lip color with you to the session in case a touch-up is needed.
Plan ahead: make sure you give yourself enough time to think about the details of your shoot.  For instance; a spray tan and new & drastically different haircut the night before a shoot might not be the best idea should something not turn out as you'd hoped.
Outfit changes: careful wardrobe planning is important, but it doesn’t hurt to bring along some options with you; i.e. a different shirt, shoes or accessories.  It is not required of course, but if time permits, an outfit change can help provide you with a nice variety in your shots.
Feeling stumped?: If you've combed through every item of clothing you own and suddenly your formerly beloved wardrobe seems drab, feel free to text me some cell shots of your top choices and I'd be happy to help you pick the outfit that would look best on camera and most appropriate for our shooting location.