About Me

My name is Erika Killen and I am a Los Angeles-based Make-up Artist and Photographer specializing in portraiture.


I have spent many hours on film sets over the years as a Make-up Artist.  Upon exiting the make-up room, I always made a beeline for the Director of Photography, watching as he found his frame and stalking the Gaffer as he set up his lights, fascinated by their processes.  I always managed to come up with an excuse to peer through the DP's lens. It was fun imagining how I’d set the scene if I were the one behind the camera.


My make-up career started in 2001 after graduating from a 400-hour Journeyman Program from LA’s top beauty & special make-up F/X school, Make-up Designory (MUD). I loved creating characters and making every client feel beautiful!


My passion for photography started when my mom bought me my first film camera, which was  (at the risk of dating myself) a Kodak Flash Fun II Hawkeye Camera. Since that time and various camera models later, I've become "that girl with the camera glued to her face."


When my nephew was born, I was inspired to expand my technical knowledge of photography in order to best capture every fleeting moment and all of his ever-changing expressions. My digital SLR camera allowed me the creative control I was looking for and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Not able to decide which is the best job in the world; Make-up Artist or Photographer, the next logical step for me was obvious; to offer my clients a one stop shop for their portrait sessions. Some may say I’ve found my calling, but I tell them I’m finally what I wanted to be when I grew up.


I am a genealogist by hobby and an animal lover, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA with my beloved fur and feathered children.